#PowerJanta – Power BI May 2023 Feature Summary

Restarting the old #PowerJanta series where I noted down key features that I liked the most. Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights from Microsoft Power BI May 2023 Feature Summary.

Special Announcements for Microsoft Fabric!

  • Power BI Direct Lake mode is in public preview

    • Microsoft introduces Direct Lake mode for datasets on Fabric Lake houses, providing fast query performance, avoiding data duplication, and reducing data integration costs.
  • Announcing the renaming of the Power BI Free user license

    • The Power BI Free user license has been renamed to the Microsoft Fabric Free user license to reflect its inclusion within Microsoft Fabric, without any changes to its functionalities.


  • Azure Maps is now Generally Available

      • The Azure Maps visual is now Generally Available and has got a new style.

    Current Style                                              New Style


  • Measure driven data labels

    • Custom data labels for your charts, this is something that was launched few weeks back on service. Has some good use cases especially when you want to show X measure but plot Y measure


  • New DAX functions: MATCHBY

      • MATCHBY extends the capabilities of window functions further
    "Previous Sales Amount",
    OFFSET (
    ORDERBY ( FactInternetSales[SalesAmount], DESC ),
    PARTITIONBY ( FactInternetSales[ProductKey] ),
    MATCHBY( FactInternetSales[SalesOrderNumber], FactInternetSales[SalesOrderLineNumber] )


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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI May 2023 Feature Summary

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