#PowerJanta – Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary

PBI Feature Summary

Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights from Microsoft Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary.


  • New Format Panel (Preview)
    • We are now getting into the Win 11 UI design
    • I am not sure if I really like it yet, it feels too much cluttered, boxes inside the already collapse menu

  • Page and Bookmark Navigators
    • We now can have all Pages Navigation Buttons with a single click. We also get custom Styling panes for both with additional Show/Hide functionality for specific pages
    • I am not really a big fan of this as I usually suggest my users publish dashboards/reports into Apps which has a default left Navigation Bar. Unless you are creating a menu-driven web-page like experience, this is not really for you
  • Text Box Superscript / Subscript and Bulleted Lists
    • We finally get one of the features that I have wanted forever.
    • You can now format text inside textbox as superscript, subscript and bullet lists

  • Pie and Donut chart rotation
    • By default all values are arranged in clockwise order, you can now rotate it so as to position it as you like
    • This will be helpful when you have multiple small pie pieces that don’t get proper visibility

Data Connectivity

  • Google Sheets (New Connector) (Preview)
    • I remember, all the struggles I had to undergo to connect to Google Sheets over the years.
    • This is still in preview, will definitely check it out.


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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI November 2021 Feature Summary

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