#PowerJanta – Power BI April 2021 Feature Summary

PBI Feature Summary

Microsoft launched its Power BI April 2021 Feature Summary almost 2 weeks back. Couldn’t blog about it immediately as I was a bit preoccupied. Still trying to be regular at blogging. Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights in Power BI Desktop.


  • Power Automate for Power BI
    • This is still in Preview but a crazy update as this will essentially allow you to perform a task based on the data decisions you take right from PBI itself.
    • Honestly, I do not see much value add as most of the clients I have worked with only use Power BI (for Data Analytics) and hardly use Power Platform. Power Platform is a world in itself.
  • New and Improved Shapes
    • This is really helpful, we want more and more Powerpoint stuff here to make our lives easy !!!
    • These shapes also bring better formatting options.
    • Microsoft has also added the ability to Convert from Old Shapes to New Shapes
  • Invert axis
    • Strangely, I cannot find this feature on my PBI Desktop. It is also not there in MS Video Summary


    • It now supports many-to-many, you will now find OneWay_LeftFiltersRight and OneWay_RightFiltersLeft in the dropdown.
    • This will enable us to have better control over the direction of our filter flow
  • IF and SWITCH
    • MS has mentioned that there are performance improvements done here.
    • Unfortunately, I am unsure how to check them.


  • Easy report sharing via links
    • Users can now easily share links with one another.
    • Note: Admin needs to enable this from Admin Portal Tenant Settings

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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI April 2021 Feature Summary.


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