#PowerJanta – Power BI June 2021 Feature Summary

PBI Feature Summary

Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights from Microsoft Power BI June 2021 Feature Summary.


  • Paginated reports visual preview is here
    • You can now see the entire report published in service as a visual in Power BI
    • To sum it all up if it uses the same PBI dataset, we will also get full interactivity just like any other visual
  • Inner padding for continuous axes
    • A much-needed feature when you have too much data to plot. (Although you should avoid visual overload and plot limited data, but clients :P)
  • Conditional Formatting to Small Multiples Visual


  • “Select all” for Dynamic M Query Parameters
    • Last year in October, PBI released Dynamic M Query Parameters which gave report viewers the ability to control data flow and get better query performance
    • The problem that they faced is when selecting All values, one had to select all items manually, this feature addresses that issue

Data Connectivity

  • Snowflake Connector gets Custom Query
    • I usually do not cover this area, but this is too huge.
    • We can now write custom SQL queries and pull the data we want just like we did for SQL Server or for any of the other DB options


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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI June 2021 Feature Summary.


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