#PowerJanta – Power BI June 2023 Feature Summary

Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights from Microsoft Power BI June 2023 Feature Summary.


  • New Card visual launch

    • This is the start of the #pbicorevisual overhaul we all have been waiting for from PBI team
    • It brings a ton of formatting options and also enables the addition of multiple cards together using just one visual

  • Datahub renamed to OneLake Datahub

    • This will now also enable us to connect to Fabric item

  • On-object Interaction

    • Our good old visual pane on the right is back. On-object interaction now has the ability to re-attach itself as a pane.

  • Power BI Desktop Developer mode launched

    • This will enable version control & CI/CD of PBI files. #GIT is here

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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI June 2023 Feature Summary


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