#PowerJanta – 2021 All Feature Summaries and Announcement

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We have completed one full year of #PowerJanta. #PowerJanta was my attempt to highlight the most relevant and noteworthy Power BI updates from Microsoft’s Monthly Power BI Feature Summary. This was purely based on my experience and what I felt was generally relevant to a majority of my clients and colleagues.

I am consolidating all the #PowerJanta Summaries for the year 2021 below for easy reference.

I still cannot believe, I was able to complete the one year mark. On this happy note, I have an announcement to make. Unfortunately, I am unable to devote time to this as much as I wanted to and thus would be taking a break from #PowerJanta.


I hope, you found this post helpful. If you have any queries/comments, reach out to me using the Contact page form or drop me a mail at me@saurabha.com

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