#PowerJanta – Power BI May 2021 Feature Summary

PBI Feature Summary

Microsoft launched its Power BI May 2021 Feature Summary yesterday. From the looks of it, there is not much which I consider noteworthy. I think this is primarily because of Microsoft Business Application Summit (held this month) that portraited quite a few upcoming features in Power BI. It also gave us an updated PBI roadmap.


  • Modern Visual Tooltips (Preview)
    • This may not look like a major thing, but I like the way it interacts and lets the user Drill Down/Drill through on hover.
    • We also have upgraded styling, so as per your theme, the tooltip colour will change. (Just like in the image below)
  • New Field List
    • This was something that was released in November 2020, which brought out a lot of UI changes on our right pane.
    • It is now Generally Available. Link to Nov 2020 article –> here.


  • Smart Narratives and Anomaly detection
  • Work side by side
    • Power BI App now can run side-by-side on Ipad and Android tablets.
    • A nifty productivity hack !!!

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Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI May 2021 Feature Summary.


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