#PowerJanta – Power BI February 2021 Feature Summary

PBI Feature Summary

This is the first post of our #PowerJanta Series. If you aren’t aware of it, check out my previous blog post. Unfortunate for us, Microsoft did not have a January 2021 Power BI Feature Summary. Hence, we are directly jumping on to Power BI February 2021 Feature Summary. Here is my selection of noteworthy highlights in Power BI Desktop.


  • DirectQuery for PBI datasets and Azure Analysis Services
    • We can now not only create a DQ connection with PBI datasets but also delete/edit DQ connections from Data Source Settings
  • Search Bar
    • A nifty addition on the title bar, we now can search anything and everything here.
    • This feature will help you find the options as well as suggest options when you have selected a particular field or visual.
  • Color Picker
    • I totally went crazy seeing this update. There wasn’t even a Preview of this.
    • We have been struggling and cursing the color picker like forever, we finally have got it revamped.
    • Would love to see the color picker similar to Powerpoint/Word in the future versions.
  • Smart guidesin Mobile View
    • It’s a feature that I liked but felt unnecessary, nevertheless added it to my list.
  • New Filter Options
    • In a Text Column, we would either see (Blank) or “”(Empty String)
    • To filter out the (Blank), we would use is blank / is not blankunder Advanced filtering whereas to filter out “”, we would simple unselect that option under Basic filtering
    • We now have a is empty / is not empty under Advanced filteringto filter out the empty/ “” strings


  • Model View Table Options
    • Model View now hs options for Collapse/Expand All.
    • This may sound like a very basic feature, but trust me its a saviour for models where there are a lot many tables and you are drowned in the mapping/relationship lines


  • Anomaly detection now in ribbon
    • This makes it more accessible and noticeable for the users to indulge in. I am not much of a fan of this as the use-cases are very limited I feel.


  • New Icon Update
    • There is again a change in Power Platform icons to sync them with the new Fluent design system.
    • For some reason, I so liked the old Power BI icon.

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To know more about #PowerJanta and the whole idea behind it, click here.

Image Credits: Microsoft’s Official Power BI February 2021 Feature Summary.

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